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If you dream about lighting this is what it means

Lightning is a dream symbol that represents raw energy and strength, which may be both productive and destructive. If you have a dream about lightning strikes in a storm, it means that powerful energy is releasing in your life. This storm, like any other, can be terrifying, and it may result in the loss of valuables.

If you are hit by lightning in your dream, it could indicate that you will experience intuition or inspiration in your waking life. Perhaps you will find a solution to a problem you have been trying to tackle in the near future. Lighting might sometimes indicate unanticipated changes that will be beneficial to you.

Lightning may also indicate the dissipation of pent-up tension. Perhaps you've been holding your feelings in for a long time and now want to let go of some of them so they don't suffocate you.

The occurrence of lightning in a dream could also be a sign that you will be surprised by love. If you're single, maybe you'll meet someone who can rekindle that smoldering fire inside of you. If you're currently in a relationship, this could be a sign that you need to rekindle your love passion.

Remember, however, that destruction is necessary in order for new things to grow, and this dream sign of lightning represents forceful and dynamic transformation. Old things will die, and you will mourn their loss, but new things will arise to take their place. You will be in greater danger of getting harmed if you can bear to be there in the storm rather than hiding from it, but you will also emerge with greater insight.

Alternative Lightning Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of lightning is a sign that you will be spending joyful times with the people you care about. This could only be for a short time. Small things, on the other hand, can pile up to make a big difference in your life. It could also indicate that disaster is on the way in some aspect of your life. This could indicate a natural calamity in your location or in an area where your loved ones are.

If you see lightning strike a certain object in your dream, it could mean that you or someone close to you will discover something new that will benefit humanity. If the lightning focuses on a certain person, it could indicate that they are being picked out for behind-the-scenes gossip. Some people would relish the opportunity to smear your name by lying to anyone who will listen.

Lightning strikes in a dark, stormy sky, signaling that there is no way to solve your problems. It's possible that you'll just have to wait it out and deal with the repercussions. You should be skeptical of other people's motives, especially when it comes to money. You should be skeptical of the truths they give you.

Disappointment and despair can be represented by lightning that emphasizes your own body. You may receive some unexpected negative news that is the polar opposite of what you anticipated. Dreaming about lightning striking you squarely in the face is a sign that your financial situation will soon improve. You won't have to put in much work, and it will be sufficient to prepare you for the future.

A lightning bolt indicates that the impossible is about to become a reality. Even if it's only lately, you can find yourself in an entirely different circumstance than you anticipated. Perhaps you recently met and fell in love with someone. Or perhaps your dream job presented itself and you were forced to relocate to another country in a couple of weeks.

Love Entering Your Life?

If you are near a lightning strike but are unharmed, this is a sign that you will soon find great love. This is a classic example of "love at first sight." Dreaming of lightning striking your partner could indicate that you and your partner are having sexual problems. These could be the result of a lack of trust or respect, conflicts, or a physical injury to one of you. These problems require two people to arise, so be aware of this and do your bit to assist resolve them.

Seeing lightning damage something indicates that you are preoccupied with something and are unable to think properly. You may be unable to think clearly because you are preoccupied with your partner.

As your days drift by in a daydream, you forget about your daily chores. If lightning strikes you in a dream, it's a sign that you'll be drawn into other people's tragedies. In these cases, be cautious about what you say since you might offend someone.

Thunder and lightning simultaneously may indicate that you should rethink your objectives. It's possible that your fantasies have evolved into something new. You may need to make adjustments to match your current feelings. When interacting with specific events or people, fear of lightning reflects feelings of dread. Lightning strikes and blinds you, indicating that new chances will present themselves. These will be extremely advantageous to you both financially and socially.

Seeing someone hit by lightning and died can lead to a tense scenario between you and someone you care about. It could also mean that someone close to you is blaming you for their problems. Lightning striking your home and causing extensive damage is an omen that tragedy will befall members of your family. This could have long-term consequences.

Lightning from a cloud portends good fortune in the future. Things will soon get simpler, and your financial load will be lighter. It's a moment when you don't have anything to be concerned about. It could also indicate that something from your past has returned to haunt you. This is the time to answer for your previous wrongdoings.

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