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A Simple Ritual Which Will Help You Fight Back Witchcraft And Enemies Easy

Recently, one reader commented on one of the article I published and asked me to write about "sigilabathakathi". I do not understand Isi Zulu completely, but I understand that what the person want me to write about is related to fighting back or stopping witchcraft. I looked at the list of articles I wrote and realized that I did write something related to that, but I understand that the articles we publish gets outdated as time goes by, and it became difficult for people to view them on their timelines.

So in favor of this reader and other readers who might be interested, I have decided to rewrite one of the article I wrote about fighting back witchcraft. I will also publish another article later on related to the same matter but with completely different products and procedure

The reason I say this is the easiest ritual to perform is because the products which are needed are so easy to find, you can find them in almost every supermarket. These ingredients are as follows:

1. Red candle

2. Black candle

3. Three needles

After getting these products, the procedure of performing the ritual is also simple, you simply take the three needles and stick them on the black candle, after that you light all the candles, both red and black. After that you start praying, in your prayer, you should be precise about what you want and make sure that you don't mix the prayer with other things. Since you want to fight back people who are doing witchcraft on you, you should stick to that, you prayer should be aimed on fighting back witchcraft. You can do this for three day like many other rituals and on the last day you let the candles burn completely and throw away the remainings

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