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My Spell may bring you money in less than 24 hours, It works for me. Opinion

A lot of South Africans are currently struggling to get cash, with the economy being not so great and jobs being scarce, money is very hard to come by. In this unpredictable time I would like to share one of my own method to get money. I use white magic to get money and in this article I am going to share one of the simplest spells I use. It's worth giving it a shot as you have nothing to lose, it works for me and it may work for you too.

What You need :

Below is a full list of what you need, however no items are exact and you can substitute similar items if you do not have these items lying around.

A Candle : Any candle would work here, size color or scent does not matter as this is a beginners spell.

Oil : Half a glass of cooking oil will work fine, I suggest that you use used oil.

Paper : A regular sheet from a exercise book.

Pen : A pen or any other writing instrument will work well for you.

Method :

Now that you have all your items you will have to wait for midnight, as the spell needs to be performed at the start of a new day. The first thing you need to do take out your pen and paper and write down the amount of money you need. Only write the amount you need as being too greedy will invalidate the spell. Have your glass of oil ready as you burn the paper with the candle and let all the ashes fall into the oil. Make sure the majority of the ash goes into the oil. The final step of the spell is to take the oil and ask mixture and drop it in your backyard or your nearest sandy area. Now the spell is complete and you should receive what you need in the next twenty four hours. Remember to keep the faith as you wait. If you have any questions or queries than feel free to leave it down below.

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