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You can protect your home from evil spirits by doing these things - OPINION

Each and everyday there are many things happening around us that we cannot see with out naked eyes, only spiritual people with third eye open can be able to see. It is believed that we live with different kind of spirts, good or evil and they are around us all the time. Sometimes people say they have a feeling that something is watching them especially at night when they are sleeping and some here foot steps outside or on top of the roof.

If you hear strange things while you are sleeping or sitting durring the night when everyone is sleeping. It might be the time for you to work things in african way. If you don't know how this things are done you must go and consultant a sangoma about this issue. He might be able to help you by giving you something to scatter your yard to repel away all evil energies.

Some people say they use the following things to protect their families from evil spirits. You must first go to the river and take out the sand on the river bed that can fill 90kg bucket and go back home. You must go to muthi shop and buy Madubula, holy ash, phindamshaye, grof salt, tikoloshe salt, benzene and vimbela oil.

You take the sand collected from the river and mix with those things you bought from muthi shop together with parafin & diesel and after mixing them you must pray to God and your ancestors before you start with the work. You must do this diring the night when everyone is sleeping by scattering that mixture of sand and muthis you bought around the yard and ontop of the house even inside the house.

People have said that after scattering the mixture around their yards , they found strange things died outside early in the morning after performing this ritual, they believe that those things died might be the cause of their problems and when things turned out this way it means everything went well. Some people say they now have peaceful sleep and they sleep tight at night without any disturbances and no longer hearing strange movements during the night.

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