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These Funny Photos Will Make Your Day

The internet is full of claims that laughter is good for your health. Unfortunately, it's not true that laughing burns more calories than running. Although laughter increases energy expenditure and heart rate by about 10-20%, it burns about 10-40 extra calories for every 10-15 minutes of laughter.

Make Sure You Read Till The End

A Fat man saw a weight loss Ad “Lose 5 Kg In One Week."

He called and said; I want to join the program!

The pretty customer service with her little voice replied; Do you really want to loose your targeted amount of weight! Get ready tomorrow at 6am. The next morning he went to the main office and was sent to a room. He opened the door and found a sexy girl wearing only a shirt he got all fired up and breathless.

She says; If you can catch me, you can sleep with me!

The girl started running. The man chased after her for the whole day, but he couldn't catch her. He did it for the whole week but failed to catch the half dressed sexy lady, but lost 5 kg that week. He then asked about the 10kg program. 6 am the next day he opened the door and found a sexier baby in a bikini. She said; If you catch me, you will sleep with me. This week he lost 10 kg.

He found the program very good and interesting with thoughts that he might one day get one of the sexy ladies. Then he requested for the 25 kg program. The lady in charge then asked; Sir are you sure? It's so hard!

The man said; Why not!. The next day at 6 o'clock in the morning, He opened the door, hoping to see a completely naked and sexy girl but found a naked madman.

The Madman all warmed up looked at the fat man and said; If I catch you, I will sleep with you!!!!

That week the man lost 40 kg. 😀😀

If after laughing this hard you don't like this article, you'll marry this lady now or in your next life 😁😁. It takes up to three hours of hearty laughter to burn a packet of salty chips. But one disputed fact is that you laugh more when you're with friends and family, so after reading, don't forget to share this article with family and friends. Thanks.

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