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Value is not what you have but who you are: Opinion

A lot of people do not understand how much they are worth, they want to wait for a beautiful car, they want to wait for an expensive house, or they want to wait for expensive designer's clothes, that's when they will feel more valuable.

Value is not on things, value is on a person, value is not those things, but value is you. A person must understand his or her value before one can get those material things, before one can get the money that they're looking for. It does not help to be rich when you don't understand your value. It is not healthy to have a beautiful car, or a house when you do not understand your value, because it is like a taking an expensive watch and tie it on a leg of a dog. Now that dog because it does not understand its value, so it doesn't see the value of the thing that you have put on that leg, which means for you to understand the value of things, first you must understand your value. Understanding your value make things valuable.

If a person does not have a value, even what that person has, no matter how much it is, it's a value does not matter. It is not you honoured to live in such a beautiful house, it is not you honoured to drive such a beautiful car, but that beautiful car is honoured to be driven by you, that house is honoured to be owned by you.

The twist of putting value on things than a person, it is very demonic. It shows that people do not understand that things exist because of a person, for that house to be there, someone built it, for that car to be there, someone designed it or manufactured it. For those designer's clothes to be there, someone came with the idea or it is someone's intelligence of designing them the way they are, which shows that the value should be placed on a person not things.

Things cannot develop a value unless a person makes them. So which means it is a person who makes things to be valuable, not things making a person to be valuable. After all, that car cannot move on its own. It needs someone to drive it, that house cannot be clean on its own, it needs someone to clean it, and decorate it with furniture. It needs a mind of a person for it to look even more beautiful.

It is the same thing with designer's clothes, they need someone to wear them, needs someone to buy them, need someone to admire them, which means without me having my interest on that material thing, it will remain the way it is. So value is on you, not on things. Those things they are honoured to be yours, to be in your possession or to be part of your property.

A person must learn to value him or herself before he can value things. People who praise a car instead of praising its owner, they don't understand. It is the owner that took that car out of the garage for you to be able to see it, without the person buying it, probably you wouldn't know that there is such a car that exist, but it needed that person to buy it, and drive it in the road.

So that you can be able to see that, a lot of things depend on a person, so which means a person places value on things, not things placing value on a person.

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