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She brought Koo beans from shoprite see what she discovered inside and after removing the cover


she bought 3 Baked Beans tins at Shoprite then this morning on the axis she decided that she should add one to her Friend because they wouldn't be enough for what she was going to do. and they were not well cooked and they were funny, she jumped there.

She then took the 3 of Shoprite and took a closer look and noticed hai men are not the same, even outside. was easy to tear then did the same to Shoprite one and she struggled a bit.

When she checked on the tin hai men they expired July 2021 but on top of the can expiry date is dated 2024😳.

The expiry date on this My friend is on the top whereas on the Shoprite is at the bottom. she had to throw away this My friends. She used to hear people complaining about their food being t right. Hay see formal.

This is very shocking to buy things that are expired used your money for something that you will never eat this is not fair at all to sell things that are not allowed to people. this will cause people to sick after eating these beans.

Warning- to everyone who used to buy baked beans please make sure before you open the tin of any Koo beans you remove the cover and check the expiring date and tested the beans inside to see everything is well good condition to avoid being sick.

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