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NONVELO: I love staying indoors than on the streets

She loves staying indoors while other people are happy to be out on the streets. Staying indoors is the current lifestyle which has been forced on people for the past year and only some of them are continuing to stay home. Not everyone will continue like Nomvelo.

She prefers staying at home rather than going from one place to the next, and it would save you from being exposed to unknown life-threatening situations. Even though for other people, the lifestyle of staying indoors is not preferable, and they are in love with the streets.


She is also getting a positive response about only keeping herself at home, where they suggest some activities she would do during the daytime. Going through WhatsApp, Sipho suggests one of the oldest games, Izingendo/Diketo.

As much as some people loves staying at home, they have their options for enjoying themselves with an indoor lifestyle and you will not have any conflicts on the streets. Being on the streets is good and also, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation unintentionally.


You will be safe and the only thing you must be aware of is going to your fridge more regularly. You need discipline for an indoor lifestyle and, if not, it could turn out to be not great. As for Nomvelo, it is a great life. She does not have many objections towards it.

During times when it is not a good day, it becomes a bad time for those who should be on the streets, and on the other side of Nomvula is another great day. Another chance to experience activities for the indoor lifestyle and not be part of the huge crowd.


If you need more about how she is able to live an indoor life, she would perfectly have all the experience that you would need and to cover. It is not bad or worse to have this lifestyle and all you need to do, is to start experiencing it from one day to the other.

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