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How To Prepare Soil For Blueberrie Plants

How to Prepare Soil for Blueberry Plants is part one of a new series all about planting blueberries with success!

As a little girl, I lived in a suburban neighborhood. My house and the house next door had no fence in between our yards. The dividing line was our neighbors blueberry bushes which were just feet from our own little garden beds. 

I remember walking by and seeing the blueberries ready. My siblings had told me not to pick them but they were ripe and it was so tempting. I tried one and then two, they were delicious! I didn’t eat more than that but I wanted more.

The blueberries felt like forbidden fruit. The blueberries at the store never were quite like my childhood neighbors blueberries. After years of waiting, I planted 12 blueberry bushes at our home.

After the second year, the blueberries produced a little bit of fruit. It was an amazing feeling to be able to be free to eat the berries. And as they produced more fruit every year thereafter, I felt like I won the lottery or something! The kids and I would race out each day to get the biggest and best fruit. 

As you can tell from my story, I feel that blueberries are delicious and worth a little extra effort to grow. They have different soil requirements than most fruits but a little bit of knowledge will help you be successful.

Content created and supplied by: Filipe17 (via Opera News )

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