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"Drink water and mind your business." A lady profoundly advises.

Doing your own thing and not mingling other people's spaces is the best thing you could do for yourself because you will live a stress free life.

Minding your own business, at its heart, is focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can’t. It is taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, and letting other people take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

Trust me it is really tempting to get involved in other people’s private conversations, lives, and problems. The problem with that, is interrupting or entangling yourself with personal dramas that don’t directly affect you can be both unhelpful to the parties concerned and damaging to your own mental health.

One lady gave her followers some good advice after she posted this.👇🏾

Her post recieved a lot of reactions and comments as some people concurred with her sentiments and others did not agree with her. This lovely lady really gave some profound advice in my opinion, no forgetting to mention her dazzling outfit that captivated the eyes of many.

I think it's wise to ask yourself “Would I want someone constantly asking me something I wouldn’t want to share?” Or “Would I want someone constantly asking me questions that may make me feel uncomfortable to answer?”

In my parting words next time you are tempted to poke your nose into others business just think - if I were in that persons place will I like it? That stops us most of the time. Help when needed when others ask for it. Nothing free is valued.

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