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Put smile on your face by viewing these 30 funny pictures

Understand this: A little child asked his dad, "Daddy what amount does it cost to get hitched?" Father answered, "I don't know child, I'm actually paying."


A family eating together at dinning table.

Child: Dad, I saw Mom and Uncle on your room yesterday.

Mother: Silly youngster, where did you figure out how to lie?

Father: Honey stop. Let me know child, what are they doing in our room?

Child: Dad, I saw them doing likewise with what you and our house keeper did the previous evening!

Father: Your Mom is correct, where did you figure out how to lie, return to room at this moment. 😂😂😂.

A person returned home late around evening time with new iPhone 12, his sister saw it and she envy him. Then, at that point, she inquired "where did you got it?" He answered, "No, I didn't got it, this is my prize for dominating Marathon race.

Sister: Really sibling? What number of racers are there?

Sibling: Only three, the police, the proprietor and me. Hhhhh.

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