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The Spiritual Tool That's Hiding In Your Pantry.

If you are new to cleansing or protective rituals, one of the first things you will be told to try isn't a special crystal or any sort of spell candle, it will be salt - yes, the same salt that you sprinkle on your dinner. When your aim is something as mysterical as gaurding your home against negativity (or ghosts), humble salt might not seem powerful enough. But as a spiritual tool salt keeps many of its signature culinary perks. It's all purpose enhances the overall effect of a ritual, and is easy to use.

Salt's colour (white) connects it to purity, and it's ability to maintain food's freshness gives it protective properties. When using salt as a spiritual tool, you can fill a small bag with salt and other protective items like runes, and stow it away in your purse, luggage, or glove compartment. You can also keeps bowl of salt in each room of your house, doing so will help to balance and stabilize the energy throughout the house.

You can also put the salt you want to use on a table, bookshelf, windowsill, or if you have one, altar. Then reflect your plans for it. "I invite the spirit of the salt to work with me to protect my home" ( or whatever your intention is) and live it overnight. By the next morning, the salts energy ought to be ready, and you can use it as you wish. You can also use it when you move into a new house ans want to neutralize the space, all you need to do is grab your salt shaker and get down to business. The same goes for keeping you and your belongings safe while traveling abd staying calm ahead of a stressful meeting or conversation.

Salts soothing energy is as versatile as it gets, so it will never hurt to have it around.

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