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Some people are going through a lot, read this and your heart will be melted

Which year did you feel so much pain and you can't even remember? What happened?


That was 2013. "The year that my girlfriend told me how she was moving on. She couldn't wait for a dream while the present had arrived, and she couldn't go and queue at a hospital while she had found a man with medical aid. That year was 2013. I went from size 40 to size 28. I was so devastated that I started smoking and drinking. The same year, my place caught fire. I was left with the only clothes I had worn. The day became my worst hateful time. I only enjoyed the darkness of the night because I could cry for free. But today the Lord saved me. I am the most celebrated man in the world.



14. I lost my friend who was like a son to me. I nearly committed suicide.

The year 2015I lost my mother and a brother who was also my friend and who was like a son to me. I successfully managed the pain.

In 2019 my Facebook account was hatched and my dirty linens were hung in public. I nearly hanged myself, "said a Facebook follower.

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