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Click Here To Check The Second Week Of October's Original article Challenge Winners

A new week means new possibilities, right? For Opera News Hub, this means a set of new winners for our weekly original challenge. Opera News is now becoming a household brand, creating income opportunities for people everywhere and anywhere.

We are excited to announce the first weekly challenge. This week 20 writers met the requirements, congrats to you guys.

To share a cash reward, you must meet the conditions below:

1. Published Articles>=35

2. Original articles>=10

3.Average Clicks per Article >= 2,000

4.Average Engagement( Share+Likes+Favorite)>=10

Note: A rejected article is an invalid article that doesn't count as a published article.

Our 20 winners got to share a prize of 8000 ZAR evenly are:

Opera Newshub is known for its giving spirit, this event is still new to creators. So to encourage writers, we still added a few hundred with a few of our writers who were not far behind the winning lot according to their shares, just missing engagement. But please note that this is not to say that every week we will be sharing an encouragement prize. 

A little tip: Any comment, share, like, and favorite is counted as an engagement, so try to share as often as you can next time for you to win the challenge

These are writers who missed article engagement but tried to meet all requirements: 

The new round of “Weekly Challenge '' starts today. So what are you waiting for? Get on Writing, Sharing, and Earning right away.

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