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Do Not Give People Money With Your Hand it Will Make You Suffer Sthembiso Warns With Pictures

Pictures of evidence at the bottom.

In the black Culture there are so many things that you cannot just do that people from other races can just easily do. Growing up I'm sure most of us have been told not to switch on the umbrella inside the house. we have also been told not to do so many things, others made sense and others did not. 

A man named Sthembiso warned people on Facebook that they should not be giving money to people with their hand. 

It is believed that if you give money to someone with your own hands they can do something to that money that will block your ways of making money.

People also wanted to share their experiences that they've encountered with giving people money with their hands and some had tips. Hlanga said don't put money directly in your wallet after being given by someone always put it somewhere first.

It is advisable not to give money directly to people with the hand always put it on the counter as long as it's not directed from your hand when they get it then they cannot bewitch you with that money.

If you want to prevent people from taking your money or making you lose your mess of making money you can put a few grains of coarse salt in your wallet.

Chaklas highlighted the fact that when you buy from "my friend" they never take the money directly from your hand you have to put it down but when they give you the change they give it directly into your hands and she also mentioned that money has energy on its own.

"Morning guys can we pls help each other. What can one do to break that curse? I'm working very hard but I don't see what I'm doing with my salary. Can u pls assist" - Tshegofatso said. 

The were a few people who gave her pointers on what to do if already have the curse.

Unathi said- "Have you ever wondered why are these things mostly happening to black people!???

Because there is no race that has abundant their roots life black people! People they are no longer in contact with their ancestors because they are "demonic"

When acknowledging your ancestors and uphahla lot of bad spirits are likely not to happen to you not are unless there was a lesson that you had to learn.

Lot of people Bashiyiwe Ngamadlozi because they say they are demonic. And that's where witchcraft gets in. Only if witchcraft they did come out to the closet, this they would tell you.

As a person, you are born with a wall and that wall is God and your ancestors. And once you lose any of those you become naked."

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Chaklas Hlanga Sthembiso


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