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Home ramedy that works for getting a job, your relationship and luck.

A lot people are waking up each and everyday to try better their lives. They always persue opportunities that promises them returns to their hopes however sometimes it's feels like one is just followed by a big dark cloud of bad luck, that seems to ruin everything good one tries to touch.

If you work really hard but you think you have never been recognised or you never get rewards suitable for the amount of time you put in. I would like to share this Siwasho with you, it will definitely work for you. Siwasho has been there for years and have proved to be very iffective.

The first thing you need is positivity towards everything if you don't have that, positive vibe in you things will not move well with you. So this Siwasho can give you that positivity you need. Trust me this will return a luck to you will have to read careful.

All you need:

1. bath salts

2. Holy ash

You will use this as your home remedy, you dont need to go to a healer or sangoma. You mix all this ingredients together and you will steam and bath with it everytime. You don't have to use this as a must but you have to use it in such a way that you get what you want.

The only way to cleansing yourself is to find real Siwasho that will do the job the way you want to.

Here are diffrent types of bath salt siwasho:


Add two three teaspoon of each ingredients add to your steaming or bathing water. Don't forget to pray before using Siwasho only god will make bit possible.

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