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Check Out These Funny Memes And Laugh Uncontrollable

1. Why is the weekend only two days?!

Why?2. Some people won't try bacon for religious reasons I won't try religion for bacon reasons3. That one friend who is always ready to help you. Any day, Any time and Any Situation.4. I'd walk through fire for my best friend. Well not fire, that would be dangerous. But super humid room...but not too humid because, you hair.

5. If Laughter is the best medicine then why people can die laughing?6. People say I need anger management classes. But if you knew the stupid people I'm surrounded by, you'd understand the problem.7. if you can't handle me at my worst, you might not be crazy about me at my best either. They're similar.8. Look at my fluffy butt...Look at it!9. You are no match for my powers of cuteness.10. A kid in the park informed me smoking was bad for you. So I popped his balloon with my cigarette & told him so was talking to strangers.

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