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Ladies, Do This Cleansing Ritual Every Month To See Changes In Your Lives.

Many Sangomas have become very generous with information recently using social media as medium of communication. If you listen to the wise advices that they shared you would see and learn alot from them.

One of the ritual that ladies are advised to do atleast once a month, is the Milk, Sugar and Egg ritual. People have come forward to testify how their lives changed, just after doing this.

Why do we need cleansing? Women are carriers, and during any intimate meeting with a man, woman carry more thank just the S em en that comes from men. But women also take on some spiritual ties.

All you need to do is to soak yourself in the Mixrure of the milk, egg and brown sugar. Soak yourself for atleast 30minutes. This is guranteed to cleanse your Aura and attract good things.

We are African before anything else. Change your life.

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Milk Sangomas Sugar and Egg


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