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Photos: See What People Noticed In Shoprite Prices, You Must see This if you Buy At Shoprite

One thing about South African people is that whenever we see a sign written "sale" in big letters, we just conclude that the price has been reduced and we buy without checking the difference between the original price and the new sale price. This is usually because we believe that when they say something is on sale, it means its price has been reduced, which is not always the case.



Recently, people have just exposed Shoprite for putting the sale tag on items and increasing the price. Those who shop at Shoprite know that there is a card that is called Xtra Savings. When they make that card for you, they will tell you that you will get a certain discount every time you swipe it. That’s not true. That card can make you pay more than what you were supposed to pay without using it.



Sometimes the original amount without using the extra saving card is less than the amount you will pay if you use the extra saving card. For example, they can say a loaf is R8 and then they say "Buy 2 for R20 when using an xtra saving card." This means that you have added an extra Rs4 to the amount you’d pay if you didn’t have the xtra saving card. See the screenshots below as proof of what I am talking about:


This post is R15 each, but if you have an extra saving card, you can take 2 and pay R40. This means that you have added R10 to the amount you’d pay if you didn’t swipe the extra saving card. With this, I am warning people to be cautious before using the extra saving card. You must first compare prices—the original one and the one you will pay after swiping the extra savings.

There are still people who don't believe this, so if you have noticed this at your nearest store, also alert other people so that we can stop paying more since food is expensive.


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