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Top 10 Best Beach Chairs With Umbrellas

1. GCI Reclining Portable Backpack Beach Chair

The GCI Reclining Portable Backpack Beach Chair is a chair-sized gadget with its umbrella as a collapsible shade that fits over the top and back of the chair.

This is a one-person chair that will offer protection from inclement weather and the sun. Its foldable design packs into a backpack with straps to carry. It is not your average lounge chair.

This beach chair offers four reclining positions and a mesh backrest for ergonomic comfort. Move the chair back as far as you like and put the shade over you to send the message that this is your time and your time alone.

The canopy will adjust as needed and is just a few inches away from your built-in cup holder.

It features a large back pocket that is just enough room for your phone, towel, and anything else you need for your time off. Constructed of aluminum, this chair is a sturdy piece that is both comfortable and secure.

2. GCI Pod Rocking Beach Chair with SunShade

The GCI Pod Rocking Chair with SunShade is precisely what it sounds like, a day at the beach that sounds exciting before you even unpack the chair.

It’s a rocker, a beach chair, and has its own canopy built by SunShade. You will love the patented Spring Action Rocking Technology that offers a relaxing motion no matter what surface you put it on.

This is a pod-shaped, hammock-style seat that comes complete with a cupholder.

The canopy on this pod-shaped rocker is touted to offer UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection and has a rotating angle so that you can collapse the shade or move it front to back.

It comes with a side pocket that is easy to reach and large enough to hold your phone and your drink order, which you can put in your attached cup holder. The chair folds up easily and fits into its own carry case with straps.

3. BDL Canopy Chair with Extra Support

The BDL Canopy Chair offers a long canopy that extends over the length of the chair, offering near-full protection from the sun when the chair is in use.

This is a chair that offers you sun protection and then some. If you are the kind of person that wants a little bit of sun, this may not be the chair for you as it offers near-full protection on both sides and from the back.

This chair is also easy to store and carry, with a durable and lightweight design that is sturdy and ready to pack up in minutes. It stores well in the car or camper for when you need it.

The anti-rust powder-coated alloy steel construction with a sturdy anti-skid base guarantees a sturdy position in any location, as the chair is touted to hold up to 380 pounds.

The chair features a built-in cupholder on the side of the chair and a small and convenient pocket that is large enough to hold money, media, keys, and other important items for a day at the beach.

4. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella

The Sport-brella is the La-Z-Boy of beach chairs, with a recliner, an adjustable umbrella, and a cupholder. You just need to find a way to bring your flat screen to the beach and you are set for the day.

Or trade your flat screen for the lull of the ocean or lakeside waves and make a day of it.

The Sport-brella is one of the most affordable beach chairs with an umbrella, considering all of its unique features. You can lie down, sit in it, or sit with your feet on the built-in footrest.

The umbrella offers full coverage with UPF 50 enabling sun protection and protection from UVB and UVA rays. The umbrella offers a 3-way swivel and even extends safety tips to protect your eyes.

The cup holder alone will inspire fantasies of long days off in your new favorite chair. This is an insulated cup holder that can hold up to four drinks, so your cold ones will stay cold for as long as you want to stay in that chair.

An attached pocket with a zipper will hold everything else you need – money, ID, media, and the built-in bottle opener.

The chair is steel construction and can withstand up to 250 pounds. It also comes with a carry bag for you to take wherever you go.

You might want to pick up a few of these – this is a seat that nobody is giving up anytime soon.

5. SwimWays Kelsyus Canopy Chair

The SwimWays offers everything you want in a beach chair with an umbrella. It is sturdy, affordable, and has a large canopy to protect you from the sun or inclement weather.

Its canopy is patent-protected with a 50+ UPF and locks either up or down depending on your mood that day. The canopy is your carrying case and closes easily and securely with a durable snap lock.

One unique feature of this chair is its rounded edging at the front of the seat. This makes sitting more comfortable so that you don’t have the seat edge cutting into your legs or behind when you are in the chair.

The seat accommodates up to 250 pounds with its powder-coated steel construction. The nylon fabric offers durable stitching to withstand the longest days in the sun and does the cupholder.

6. Quik Shade Beach Recliner Shade Chair

The Quik Shade beach recliner chair has a long back with a high canopy shade in elegant coloring that you will want to show off anywhere. It comes with a carry bag and handles strap to carry in your hands.

The steel frame is adjustable with multiple incline options for this beach chair. The chair also locks and can support 225 pounds in weight.

The canopy is a polyester shade that will be both cooling and also helpful from the elements.

The ergonomically designed seat is so comfortable you will want to bring your office outside with features that include a backrest and headrest cushion for the most outdoor comfort you can find in a beach chair.

This is an affordable chair that gives you a lot for a little and has a jaunty nautical theme to the chair that blends in well with any backyard or cottage décor. The shade is a patented technology of 600 x 300 D PVC coated polyester.

7. American Flag Adjustable Beach Chair with Canopy Umbrella

For those days when you even want your chair to show your love of country, the American flag beach chair with a canopy will make you proud.

This is the most affordable chair on our list, and for some, it will be the most beautiful. The shining feature on this chair is its stars and stripes motif in both the awning style canopy umbrella and also on the chair itself.

This chair folds up quickly and easily and folds out with its stained and water-resistant polyester seating and mesh armrest with a cup holder.

The material can also block and resist mold and mildew, enabling any storage you might put it in.

The steel frame construction can support up to 225 pounds, and its patented structure lets you raise and lower the sunshade, almost as if you would the flag.

Whether that was the intent of the designer is unknown, but this feature blocks the sun and does the job that any beach umbrella would do.

8. Alpha Camp Chair with Shade Canopy

The Alpha camp chair with shade canopy is a quaint piece you can have in your own backyard as part of your landscape design.

It comes in either a bright poppy red or elegant royal blue with white piping accents down the seat of the chair.

This is a beautiful and elegant beach chair with an awning-style canopy that offers full protection from the sun with its 50+ UPF.

This will both keep you cool and prevent too much sun exposure. Read a book and keep your glass of wine or a cold beer in one of its easy-to-reach cup holders.

The two cup holders come in two different sizes to accommodate your personal preferences for your day in the sun.

The durable steel construction is complete with an anti-rust powder coating that gives this chair some longevity and supports up to 350 pounds, making it stable on almost any surface.

The chair comes with an easy-to-carry bag that makes transport easy.

9. Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

The Quik Shade MAX shade chair is a beautiful beach chair with an exceptionally large awning-style umbrella with patented technology that is adjustable so you can tilt it or lower it to meet your sun-escaping needs.

This patented adjustable design is said to allow for 40 percent more sun protection than other chairs.

The polyester material for both the seat and the umbrella is durable for weather and also comfortable when enjoying the great outdoors.

The entire chair only weighs nine pounds and can be transported easily with the carry bag that is included.

The chair has a steel frame that offers a higher back and is said to support up to 500 pounds. You’ll love the two cup holders that come included so that you can provide your own beverage selection within arms-length.

Conveniently located at your side is a zippered pocket where you can keep money, keys, media, or that book you’ve been eyeing all winter long.

10. Sport-Brella Beach Chair

This beach chair with umbrella supports up to 300 pounds with its durable alloy steel construction and nylon material ensures a sturdy structure as you are close to the ground.

The chair folds out in seconds, and its swivel umbrella offers complete sun guards with 50+ UPF and also wind guards when the weather turns.

When you’re ready to pack it up for the day, fold it up into its sweet carry bag in just as little time as it took you to remove it.

This is not a chair that comes with a footrest, but it offers you enough room on your lower seat so that you can make your own with the land in front of you.

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