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Simple Way To Attract Money Using Salt And Water

There are various ways that an individual can use to make money, while some individuals prefer working for their money, some individuals believe in manifesting. Both ways seem to be effective for the users that use them.

This article focuses on a simple salt and water ritual that has been used for centuries to attract money. This ritual has been said to be very effective and easy to complete.


- this trick should be performed on the first Sunday of the month, this sbolises a new beginning and a fresh start.

- individuals should not perform this trick without the right intentions, otherwise it will not work.


1. Fill a glass with water from the tap.

2. Add 1 teaspoon of salt in the glass and stir until the salt is completely dissolved.

3. Speak into the glass and say all of your manifestations out loud. Repeatedly say that your intention is to attract money.

4. wash your hands with half of the water from the glass. Make sure to leave the other half.

5. Place the glass in a dark corner in your house. This corner should be one that is not often disturbed. Leave the glass in that corner for 24 hours

6. Once 24 hours has lapsed, you can remove the glass and throw the rest of the water out.

This trick only uses salf and water, making if a safe ritual and making it easy to complete.

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