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The best way to prevent toilet infection in your home

Infection is the invasion of the body's tissues by pathogens, their multiplication and the reaction of the host's tissues to infectious agents and the toxins they produce. An infectious disease, also known as an infectious disease or an infectious disease, is a disease that results from infection.

* Countermeasure to prevent toilet infection. *

 To sanitize your toilet naturally is enough one ingredient Get some unripe lemon / lime.Take the lemon / lime juice. Put it in a spray bottle and use it just as you use it toilet germicide / disinfectant. And always remember to use it if a guest uses yours toilet. Also, don't forget to have it in a little bottle in yours bag and always use it when you use someone else's toilet or public toilet. When washing the toilet, sprinkle a little saltor baking soda around the toilet bowl. Put on cleaning gloves and using the flesh side half a lime, scrub under the rim and surrounding area where the water reaches and use a toilet brush to thoroughly and deeper scrub the bowl. Add baking soda to the lime for a White effect Results.

Besides, staphylococcus is a very complex disease

 before sexual contact or in the toilet infection; there are other ways to get infected. He can even be contacted with unclean public toilets or from ulcers, wounds infected persons. You can use the following natural agents for treating infections. Home remedies for staphylococcal infection include:


Turmeric is an excellent antibiotic. Tonic with turmeric mixed with black pepper, water and coconut oil taken several times a day helps with treatment of infections.


Garlic is one of the most powerful antifungal agents and antimicrobial herbs. Those who eat garlic regularly are less prone to fungal infections. Crush a few garlic with a little olive oil and make paste.


A fresh clove can cure a yeast infection with ease. The trick is catching an infection early. The woman who suffers from frequent yeast infections


Gingerlo in ginger has a strong antifungal effect real estate. Adding ginger to our diet in the form of ginger tea is effective in helping to prevent and treat staphylococcus infections

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