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Funny Pictures With Words To Lift Up Your Spirit

1. When you pretend to care about the teacher's personal life to avoid work

2. Me every time 16 year old make a new word like yeet and I have to look on urban dictionary.3. when you're in a group project trying to get work done but your friends have done nothing but clown the whole time

4. When my English teacher tells me to analyse the paragraph.5. The entire Microsoft word document when you slightly move an image by 1 mm6. Have you ever been separated from the person you thought you'll copy from in the exam.7. Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but not tipfinger8. When someone insults you and it's actually a good one you haven't hear before.

9. Everytime you feel alone, just remember there are 25 billion antibodies flowing through your veins, who would die in order to protect you.10. I'm gonna have to stop you right there that was more bullshit than I could handle

11. When people face time you without making a appointment first.

12. I'm gonna make memes great again memes with words, the best words, great words. Not big words. Funny words. The funnest words. It's gonna be great. Front page

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