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If you thought you are having a bad day, just wait until you see these pictures

Sometime life can really humble you. Things can happen unexpected and when it does, you would probably think that God has forsaken you especially if you are a believer. You would be asking yourself why would such things happen to you but only to find out that what you are going through is nothing compared to what other people are actually going through out there.

In this article today we are giving you a glims of what other people are going through. If you thought that you had a bad day, just wait until you see these pictures.

I have to say this myself, I was once in a situation like this but lucky for me, I saw it just before impact. I can only imagine what she is going through.

This is one hell of a nightmare. The fact that the house is just white makes it even worse.

Just when you thought that you have done a good job and then boom.... You are stuck in the middle of a swimming pool that is wet of paint.


Feel bad for the guy, but for the fact that he was able to even take a picture, maybe it's not as bad as we think.

This guy's eye must be going through hell. Just wonder whether he can even see were he is going?

Just imagine something like this happening to your brand new laptop, you you'd swear that you have been cursed.

An ATM that shut down and by that time you are still waiting for it to take out your money.

Just wonder what he was doing.

This is bad, how did it even get out in the first place?

Whoever this cake belongs to, they sure had a bad day. 21st birthday ending in tears.

There goes your sanguage and by that time this is all you had.

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