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Beautiful rondavel house you may build for your small family

The olden day's rondavel had fewer to no windows you would not see how the outside was. If it has a window but would be one or two. If it happened to have one then it would be located in front. The ones with two windows would be located on both sides, left and right of that particular house.

Things have advanced through the years that the houses are being built in a modernised way and they are attractive more than they could ever be.

For example, take a look at the present house. It was modern and had huge windows allowing enough ventilation in the house.

It also has pillars for its rigidity. This is a simple plan but yet stunning. I like this house. There are n much stated details on the specifications of the house. However, you would assume that this house do have a bedroom just not sure of the other features.

Do comment down below what features you think it has. Drop a like and share. Thanks.

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