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How to spot a child that is chosen by ancestors (opinion)

As a traditional healer or a prophet the ancestors bless you with a special child, "the child for the ancestors" that's how the child is believed to be. The child becomes highly favoured by the ancestors compared to all your children and the child can be your successor one day when you die.

Sometimes it happens that the ancestors do not show you who the special child is on one of your children but he can spot that child by yourself, the child is different from others they become moody and they want to be left alone most of the times, when the child is involved in your traditional work it becomes a success and the child becomes more interested in your ancestry work.

as the ancestors want the child to do their work, it is believed that the Chosen child will have some difficulties with schooling they will not muster the things that will be taught at school and they may end up dropping out and even if they choose a career for themselves their ancestors will not allow them to succeed because they already know what they child will do in future.

the Chosen child may also experience some difficulties if they go away from home they may feel sick and tell their return home where their ancestors want them to be in if you know you have a special child it is good to ensure that you keep them happy because if they are not happy they ancestors will be unhappy to

Sources: Mr Mavuka, Google

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