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Here’s what people spotted on a friends vacation pictures that got them talking.

It looks like more people are starting to go on vacations as couples or friends I think that it is a good thing to get fresh hair and create memories with loved ones.

I love the fact that people always go local to support the economy.

A group of friends has been trending on social media after they shared a picture of themselves while at the beach, but people notice something about the beautiful ladies.

We all know that when going to the beach swimwear is a must-have, but the ladies were all wearing towels on the head and body; I mean how do you swim with a towel? Twitter people have different things to say make fun of the ladies.

If the problem is a swimsuit that might be reviling these days shops cater for everyone you can buy a swimsuit that covers the body.

Now their beautiful memory has been turned into a joke.

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