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If you have a business and want to attract both customers and money try this remedy. opinion.

Open lucks and attract money

If you have a business, this attracts customers

1. Holly ash.

2. Zomlandela.

3. Zeneke o purple.

4. Pink bath salt.

5. 1 rand.

Instruction: crush camphor block and zomlandela in a bucket or container mix bath salt, holly ash, Zeneke and the crushed  zomlandela and camphor block and the 1rand mix them well.

bath and steam with it, say what ever you want.

don't take out the 1rand from the container.

When done use the 1rand to buy something and eat it.

This remedy is for people who have business, you attract customers with this remedy and money.

Dont forget to pray for the remedy to work and also have faith in it.

Many people have tried it and brought back positive testimonies and also advices more people to try it.

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Holly Zeneke Zomlandela


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