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A lady made herself a laughing stock after Mzansi noticed something strange on her photo

Due to high social and community standards, people are expected to leave or to be. Many people try by all means to find any means or way to be accepted by the community. Many people, particularly women, sacrifice a lot to meet social standards as a way of seeking validation from people they don't even know.

People nowadays are sacrificing a lot for social media and the people they haven't met in person. People who are not even family members or who do not even make a contribution to life. But our beautiful youth try by all means to live for them.

Nowadays, beautiful women are changing the way God has created them to meet the very same social and community standards, particularly on social media. Many women are bleaching their skin since light-skinned girls tend to get more engagement on social media compared to dark-complexioned women. Some women change their body parts, particularly the backside, since the very same social media tends to appreciate women who have big behinds.

A lady on social media was made a laughing stock after People spotted that she had used Photoshop to enlarge the backside. It can be seen in a photo that the pole she was standing in front of has been affected by Photoshop, which makes it clear that the lady has used Photoshop and not a real backside.

It could be because the lady wanted to get more views, since many women with big backgrounds are nowadays being appreciated more and getting a lot of engagement on social media. People laughed at her, saying that the pressure could be that great to the point that she could even think of photoshopping her backside.

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