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Most expensive bathrooms in the world

No one would have ever thought that there are people who could be able to invest in a bathroom. For many years bathrooms have been under valued because it was just considered as just that room that you only use it for that short period of time and you are done. No one never took it seriously but know things have changed in such a way that you could find a bathroom that is worth millions of Rands. And this is just for a bathroom alone and not the entire house.

We have compiled list of some of the most expensive bathrooms designs in the world. The most expensive bathroom in the world cost about 2.3 million dollars. Yes that is correction, 2.3 million for a bathroom seems insane but this is how people are prepared to invest in their bathroom.

If you are one of the people who have been of the view that bathrooms can't be that expensive, just wait until you see these pictures.

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