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Don't you just love being South African

We are people of color.

-We don't mind if we call every toothpaste Colgate. -We are proud of the name "fish oil" for every cooking oil.

-We inquire, "Who's sitting there?" when pointing to an empty chair.

-We're like that. -Every cold beverage is referred to as coke.

We are unconcerned.

-we steal your belongings and assist you in finding them

We're the same way.

-We don't care if our dogs are named Tiger or Spider.

-We guarantee to stab you in the back with a slap or with our bare hands.

We can be odd at times.

-we eat fruits in the hopes of being healthy at the same time

We are unconcerned.

-When the power goes out, we go outside to see if the whole block is affected.

We're just like that.

-Even if we didn't smell armpits, we blame Atchar.

-we can be strange at times -we use a bar of soap until it resembles a SIM card We don't have a problem; we just buy something, ignore the directions, and ask our neighbors how they use it.

We don't give a damn.

-We take money from an ATM and count it three times before leaving.

We are cautious, locking the car and then attempting to open it twice before leaving.

That's how we are.

-we pay a Sangoma R500 to find out who stole R50

We're odd sometimes, and we turn off the music just to smell what's cooking.

That's how we are.

-While we share beers and cigarettes, we do not share opportunities.

We are occasionally egotistical.

We are happy to be African and we enjoy it.


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South African Tiger


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