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Is it bad to pee in the shower


Peeing in the shower is one of the things that people do not talk about, but most people do at some point in their lives. Peeing in the shower may seem harmless like trying to save water by not flushing in the toilet, but there are also physical and psychological disadvantages to peeing in the shower.

This was recently explained by a Dr Alicia Jeffrey-thomas, who is a doctor of physical therapy at Boston Urology. Dr Alicia posted a video on TIKTOK with the title "Why you shouldn't pee in the shower.".

In the video, Dr Alicia, self proclaimed "TIKTOK's Pelvic Floor PT", explained that peeing in the shower often may not be healthy for your body in the long run. Dr Alicia further explained that when peeing in the shower or turning on any running water while sitting in the toilet peeing, it means that you are, "... creating an association in the brain between the sound of running water and having to pee."

Dr Alicia further stated that the female body was not created to pee while standing up, so it may cause huge problems when your brain starts associating any sounds of running water with peeing. Peeing while standing up may also lead to not fully emptying your bladder, leading to further complications for your body.

In trying to further explain herself, Dr Alicia compared peeing in the shower to Ivan Pavlov's experiment with dogs. This scientists experiment, lead to an amazing discovery.

Ivan Pavlov discovered that by ringing the bell when giving the dog food, "... the dog starts to associate the bell (with food) and he starts to slobber even if there's no food there," explained Dr Alicia.


Discounting the physical and mental damage peeing in the shower creates, it is fine to pee in the shower, as urine has no living organisms, unless someone has a uninary tract infection, then it is totally not a good idea to pee in the shower.

Urine is not unhealthy, in the sence that it contains 90% water, and the 10% left comprises of extra compounds and salts that your body did not absorb, some of our urine depend on what we have eaten or drank, the medication we have taken, and if we have taken any harmful or other substances or not.

Urine will also not damage your shower or drain, as what ever you clean off your body is probably much dirtier than your urine. Some people say that urine can help you treat or prevent fungul infection on your feet, but science has not yet proven this theory to be correct or not.

In conclusion, if you want to pee in the shower, you should probably do it before washing and cleaning your body. Cleaning your shower every two weeks is also recommended.


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