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Embrace the change for a better you.

We have been doing a lot. If we look at how far , we have come. The thought gets exhausting. That's why we only reminisce when alcohol is present. It's really hard for us as the youth of Mzansi to face facts. What kind of a generation are we?

You can succeed in business even if you have failed before

You can get in shape even if you have been overweight for the longest time

You can enjoy a happy relationship even if you made mistakes in a previous one

You can experience abundance even if you grew up poor

You can be a good parent even if your own parents were less than ideal

You can be happy even if you have experienced tremendous sadness

You can obtain your dream job even if you were fired from your last two jobs

You can get your degree even if you neglected education in the past

You can learn to trust again even though others have betrayed you

You can make wise choices even if you have made unwise ones in the past

You can be a resilient survivor of a bad situation rather than a recurring victim

Alien like thoughts and ideas no wonder Corona virus is kicking out butt. Come on born frees we need each other. Let's hold hands and fight gender based violence. Let's cherish the seedling that is a woman in our society. Let's teach ama 2000 that life is a game you play right . Its not that hard , we do things right and all will be right with us. We fight for what's ours , we let our voices be heard. We take to the streets but with peace. We help build South Africa . Our land , the land of our children. The land of our ancestors.

I don't care whether you consider your black or poor . I really could not care less , you are how you choose to be. I don't care whether you are white , black , red , yellow , pink or whatever race , you and l we have an obligation and that is to make our country better. It starts with us.

Change is a very fragile thing therefore we too have to be vigilant in how we bring by change.

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