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Check out Limpopo mansions you wont believe are from the villages (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

In Limpopo people are not just building, they make sure that their homes fall among thee most beautiful homes in the country. What is more fascinating is that these homes are located in rural areas were there is no proper roads and sanitation. Against all odds the people from this province never let their condition stop them from building were they were born.

Below is a list of homes that have been spotted in the province. Without a doubt this homes are so beautiful that people in Gauteng develop jealousy when viewing this pictures. Since majority never thought that such homes are found in the rural areas. Although it is hard to budget for a dream house. This ones will make you think twice before starting with your project.

It takes hard work and dedication to achieve such a house. With planning it is possible regardless of your salary. Those who achieve is not because of the money they earn but what is in their brains.

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