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Funny Pictures And Jokes for Your Laughter

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1. Teacher: Why are you asleep, Akpos?

Because your voice is so pleasant, Akpos: Ma.

Teacher: But why isn't everyone in the class sleeping?

Because they aren't paying attention.

2. A grandmother and her grandson went grocery shopping.

Grandma notices that the child has chosen a toy. "Degree, put that toy back," she says.

The toy is returned by the child.

Another shocked client inquired of the grandma, "Is that his name?"

"Yes, I sent his mother to the University, and here is what she brought," says Grandma.

4. It's not easy to believe you're unattractive..

I gave you my house, and you repaid me by becoming the mother of my only daughter. I'll prove to you that I'm an ex-cop.

. A baby boy was born in a hospital laughing rather than crying, and the more the nurses slapped him, the louder he laughed. Suddenly, the doctor noticed he had something in his hands, so he pulled the baby's tiny hands apart and discovered he was holding three abortion pills.

The infant then turned to face his mother, giggled once more, and stated

"No weapon created to harm me will be successful."

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Akpos Ma


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