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Nurture your talent the minute you discover it

We all have potential. The only problem is naturing your abilities and talents. You might have the ability to delegate tasks but another person strives under pressure. It is vital to nurture your talents otherwise they die out. You can be born with your talent or you can discover it as you learn more about yourself. I will explain why I emphasize the importance of nurturing your talents. You see when you discover your talent you can either make a living from it, being one of the very few to use their natural ability to make income. If you are born with the ability to motivate others or speak from the heart you can attend seminars to sharpen how you articulate words or express yourself. We are not put on this Earth for the same purpose, you might wake up someday to discover that you have created a gadget that will make life easier for people around the world or that your song has given someone hope for the future. Whether the talent you have is natural or acquired through skills the important thing is for you to discover it. If it's not playing an instrument, being an athlete or painting do not be dismayed, you are only touching the surface and have not begun to learn more about yourself. You might be a potential author, poet, or disk jockey (DJ) and not know it. Do you have an ability to make people laugh even when you don't know them too well? Go and book a comedy session just to try and see if you would succeed with big crowds

Now my emphasis on nurturing your talent is just one thing that happened to me at a young age. growing up I loved to sing, from sunrise to sunset I would be singing my favourite song, someday my grandmother walked in and told me I was making noise. I was crushed, a day later I never enjoyed singing even at school. While in search of your talent do not let others dim your light, constructive criticism is always appreciated but do not be discouraged by someone who is trying to pull you down if running marathons like the great Castor Semenya then go for it. I hope this encourages you to nurture your talents.

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