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His house caused a stir on Twitter, check comments

Building a house is no childs play. The bulding project requires a lot of finances, sacrifices and sleepless nights, but nothing beats the joy and excitement when you are done and finally see your goal been achieved and accomplished. 

The man by the name of Yanga took to Twitter to show off his beautiful house, he wrote this as his caption " Am happy with my progress comparing to where i come from " his house is well built, the roofing and paint is beautiful. Tweeps couldn't stop clapping hands for him for his great achievement .

One of the dreams each and every person has is to build or buy forthemselves a beautiful house and have a place called a home. It is amazing when we see other people achieve that goal because it's not easy at all and this can also be an inspiration to those who are still busy or thinking of starting such projects.

Read some of the comments below:


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