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DO NOT throw away your used tea bags. Instead do this

At home we don't throw them we dry them up put them in a container put paraffin when it braai days it works wonders to lighten up charcoal.

Nna, I learnt this long ago from Sdumo (iSgudi iSnaysi) that you don't throw away any teabag after making yourself a cuppa. Just let it dry right there at the window where everyone sees it and the next time they ask for tea, dip that same teabag into boiled water in that cup and serve them and save, dilo di a tura. Sdumo was right. Is gud, gud, is gud is nice!!! 🤩🤣

True we never know, they will say no smoking again, then we know what to do we just add a little chilly, you see the difference.


Someone came to buy zol yesterday I suspected he was a cop then he said he works for daily Sun now I see it's u admin cz I gave him heavy stuff.

If you have garden of vegetables or flowers you throw dem Der you will thank me later.

Yes, it can also be used in your flowers and plants like. Just sprinkle it on them I normally doing it.

I have been asking myself washing of tea bags hanged since I watched emziniwezintizwa Kanti 🤔 ohooo.!!

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