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Normalize Rinsing You Self With Holy Ash And Rough Salt, Here Are The Benefits

If you have been following most of my articles that I wrote about rituals, you will notice that holy ash is included in almost all the products that are needed to perform those ritials. This shows how important holy ash is in a person's life. There is another product that is very important, this product is actually the easiest to find since we all have it inside our houses, and if you guessed that salt is the product that I am referring to, then you guessed right. Salt is not only used to bring out the best in taste when it comes to food, it can also work work wonders in other environment

These products that I always write about can work individually, I can give example about "beka mina oil" , this product can work alone to help you with you relationships, but it has been tried and tested and finally proven that these products work much better when they are combined. While holy ash can be used individually and bring out some good results, it has been proven that it can bring even far much better results when it is combined with rough salt

The way in which this can be done is by simply mixing holy ash and rough salt (two spoons each) in a bathing bowen or dish or basin and rinsing you self with that water. This is like cleansing your self each and everyday so that you became free of bad spirits. There are a lot of benefits of doing this regularly in your life, it unblocks blessings into a person's life, and when blessings are unblocked, it becames easier to get a lot of things, a job could be one of those things. Rinsing your self with holy ash and rough salt can also help maintain a happy relationship with you lover




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Here Are The Benefits


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