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She left an interesting note inside the fridge about the cat - Mzansi reacts

(Source: - @JollyGall91)

When you open the fridge there’s not much thinking that’s needed, as you know what you’re looking for most of the time. Ideally, you shouldn’t open a fridge and leave it unattended as that will affect its longevity and even utilize a lot of electricity. However, it seems like there’s an exception in certain households. This follows after a woman has shared a picture of an opened fridge. In most cases, households would leave different notes outside the fridge. Whereby they will be warning their family members or people that open the fridge about a certain food that should be eaten or not consumed on that day. Others attach their meal plans outside their fridge, as they’ll know their diet.

Some families leave notes inside their fridges alerting the people about what’s inside the containers and who is it for and who’s can eat it. There’s a bunch of things that you can attach to your fridge, inside or outside, however, it has to look clean and neat. Now, a photo that has been making waves on social media, whereby it’s showing a cat trying to sneak in behind the open door of a fridge so that it can grab something. Even the note inside the fridge said it all, “CHECK FOR CAT ARM B4 CLOSING.” Meaning that the person that wrote the note is well aware of what the cat can do every time the fridge is open. Hence the person said that whoever opens the fridge then he or she must look out for its arm. “We all have our household issues,” said @JollyGall91 on her official Twitter account.

The post gained a lot of attraction as it had over 50 comments, 860 retweets, and 2430 likes. What left many people in awe was the actions of the cat, as they felt that it had no business to stick its arm like that on the fridge. Meanwhile, other individuals felt that the cat was utilizing its nine lives, which was very brave. Certain individuals were laughing at the actions of the cat. 

@YonkeInto said, “That’s a thieving cat, so according to Shariah law, it deserves to lose its arm.”

@waitanka said, “How did you do that?”

@Xolanisam3 said, “So the cat has arms.”

@realchibuike1 said, “Hilarious.”

@Evensbeats00 said, “Close it… cats are useless.”

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Date: 09/10/2021

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