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10 People You Will Not Believe They Exist. [Photos]

People Who Exist Who You Wouldn't Expect To

Everything from natural beauty to the differences between people's physical appearances can be found all around us. Some people are born with characteristics that have no biological explanation. Some people are self-made, while others are lucky enough to be born with it.

Here is a group of people who's existence you'll find hard to believe.

1. Magnet Man

Strong magnetic forces run through the body of this guy. Even when not directly placed on him, he is capable of attracting metallic objects. Can you picture yourself at a dinner party with him? Keep all metallic forks, spoons, and plates out of reach. His body's magnetic field appears to be linked to the thickness of his skin. He's remarkably resilient for someone his age.

2. Lashes that are well-maintained

This man currently holds the record for the world's longest lashes in the Guinness Book of World Records. No, he does not require the synthetic eyelashes that are currently available on the market. He can see right through your lashes, even if your eyes are open, and he won't even know you're looking at him.

3. Toes First, Feet Second

This woman was born with her foot-side facing down, just like she is now. She's blessed with lovely children who are completely healthy and devoid of any physical abnormalities. She's happy with herself, and she's proud of it.

4. Teeth of the Fang

The first thing Maria Jose Cristerna was when she was born was a beautiful girl. After undergoing bizarre procedures and getting strange tattoos, she became an outcast among her close friends and family. Her fang-teeth were the most noticeable change.

5. Pops the Human Eyeball

As for the biggest eye pop-up, Kim Goodman holds that record as well. It's amusing how she became a record producer, she confessed. Her friend was competing in a drinking game when the incident occurred. Kim was shocked and her eyes popped out when she saw her friend go through dozens of bottles of beer. Around 0.5 inches of her eye sockets are exposed when her eyes are fully popped out.

6. 0% of one's body weight is fat.

Tom Staniford had MDP (Myelodysplastic Preleukemic) syndrome, a rare blood disorder. When the body isn't able to store fat, it develops anorexia nervosa symptoms. Although only eight people in the world have this condition, Tom has managed to lead a relatively normal life thanks to the support of his family and friends and a few doctor's visits. He's a professional cyclist based in London right now.

7. There is a Woman with Extremely Big Legs

Mandy Sellars' legs, which measure one meter in circumference, weigh 95 kg. Proteus syndrome was found to be the cause of her symptoms. Skin lumps form, bones thicken, and deformation occurs as a result of this condition. It's also a rare condition; only about 120 people in the world are thought to have it.

8. The female nail record stands at eight feet, four inches.

Another record that Christine Walton holds is for having the longest fingernails in the world. There are 11 feet of nails on her hands and feet. Think of her while she's eating or doing the things she has to do every day. Maybe she has a team to help her with that?

9. CorsetTraining

The goal of this German woman is to have the world's smallest waist. She's a fitness freak who works out hard and pays close attention to what she eats.

10. Widest Mouth Known To Man

The current world record holder for the largest mouth is Francisco Domingo Joaquin. No one else in the world has a 7-inch wide mouth. Joaquin has the oral dexterity to swallow a Coca-Cola can whole.


11. Long Legged Lady

This is a huge woman, Elisany da Cruz Silva. She is one of the biggest women worldwide. In terms of height, Silva stands at a stout 6'8".

To be honest, the image you're looking at here was created using Photoshop. If it were real, I'd be one strange kid. It was only intended for use as a cover image.

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Magnet Man


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