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Thick Women Are Using Yoga To Get Flexible.

If you are thick and proud woman, you will enjoy this article because it shows us that even thick women can be flexible by doing yoga. 

Back in the day we all believed that only a 'certain type' of person with a 'certain body type' can do Yoga but then came Jessamyn Stanley and thick yoga enthusiasts who changed everything.

Jessamyn Stanley, 29, began practicing yoga five years ago when she was in graduate school. As her practice developed, she used social media as a platform to document her progress and setbacks.

Today she is more famous and established than ever. She is currently a certified yoga instructor and has recently published a book and teaches mainstream yoga classes.

Rihal is another yoga enthusiast following Jessamyn's steps and has recently completed her yoga teacher training and now practices yoga five hours a week.

Valerie Sagun, 27, became an overnight famous yoga enthusiast when she gained 100k followers on social media.

Yoga is well known to be hard, it can take months or years to learn advanced poses. And it can also make any person feel self-conscious about their body — especially if you are more curvy. But times have changes and anyone with any body type can benefit a lot from doing yoga.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is good for the mind, heart and body. It improves strength, balance and flexibility. Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow, strengthens the mind and muscles.

Here Are 5 Benefits of Yoga

1. It Improves flexibility and strength by stretching the muscles.

2.Many poses in yoga strengthens the core muscles in the stomach and back.

3. Yoga poses eases stress and anxiety levels.

4. Yoga poses can reduce low back pain.

5. Yoga improves sleep.

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