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Finding your gift within you and knowing what kind of gift you have

Today I will talking about finding your gift within you and knowing what kind of gift you have ..

One thing I learnt in these journey is to be patient and obedient and also being independent on my journey..

I came across many clients asking me or confirm if they are gifted or not cause they have been told that by a healer or prophecy and it bothers me cause when your born gifted.

They are signs that shows that your gifted besides someone mention it to the gifted. and we have different ways or signs to show a person that is gifted.

and which kinda gift the person has and where does the gift came from since we are born in two different families .

A gift on its own does show itself to the gifted and it can direct or indicate what kind of gift it is cause I might have a spirit of water.

but work church wise while someone has the same gift but go to I initiates and use traditional medicine because of how the gift shows itself to the gifted. 

Before embarking on these journey find yourself first and also build a solid relationship with your ancestors.

and God so that you can discover yourself and learn before leaving your homes to go initiates.

I will continue with the signs and kinds of gifts and what is needed ..

I am the daughter of the soil

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