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Get rid of dull face with these funny memes

My ex: you remember me...?

Me: sorry I don't look down before I flush

Me: I don't get nervous during presentation. Also me two minutes later... Good morning guys my name is presentation...When it's too hot.

Rich people vs. me 8 year old me trying to reach to that tree before that car does, or else I will die. Finally I am in relation sleep! Please read again Only in Africa where boys with six packs act like they don't have clothes

How I think I look while crying vs. how I actually look Teacher: which alphabet comes after "G"??

Normal students: H

Me: Wait, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H...It's H.Tomorrow I will go for running at 6am.

Me at 9am

How your parents look at you in church when the pastor's sermon is about today's youths being addicted to pressing their phones.

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