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Culture is Slowly Dying, Heritage is No Longer Observed Across SA | Opinion

(Picture source: Times Live)

It was a national holiday yesterday in South Africa. This holiday was found in particular to celebrate culture and heritage across all the cultures found in South Africa.

I however think that the holiday is not recognized or celebrated the way it should be. I think that as South Africans we are cheating the purpose of this national day which is to celebrate culture and heritage.

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The only thing that most people do on heritage day is to wear their cultural outfits and take pictures for social media purposes. People no longer observe their heritage on this day. Everything is done for trends and social media.

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In real heritage sense, supposed on this day each South African observe their culture by eating traditional food. But across many South Africans, only a few can attest that they ate traditional food yesterday.

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(Picture source: Mbare Times)

As per usual with other holidays when people go out to have fun, others went to have fun yesterday with friends and families having drinks as well but very few can attest that they had the traditional beer (umqomboti) as per celebration of the national heritage day.

(Picture source: Clipkulture)

(Picture source: Bino and Fino)

When it comes to traditional dances too, very few people can attest that they indeed celebrated their heritage day with traditional dances that exist within their culture.

(Picture source: Life podcast)

I think that culture is slowly dying and it needs to be saved. I believe that if every culture can have an event to celebrate the national heritage day by teaching about their heritage and origin, eating traditional food, wearing traditional attires and performing traditional dances, this would help to observe and celebrate heritage across South Africa accordingly unlike how it is done now.

This doesn't have to be one event across every cultural population, there can be more than one in order to accommodate everyone within a specific culture.

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