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Bujy Bikwa To Participate In A Surprising Event After The Boity Saga

Bujy Bikwa To Participate In A Surprising Event After The Boity Saga

Date: 2021/11/04

Bujy Bikwa participate in the Gender-Based Violence march to compensate for what he did to Boitumelo Thulo who was just a young person at the club venting like they always do and chose to assault her till she bled to almost to death.


This show that the issue is real and it should be attended to so we can move upwards as a country and learn and unlearn the old tricks that got out families broken apart as that is not what we usually want out of the situation but for both of them to heal and get better.

They are both young and hopefully, they will learn from this that violence is not the solution so any problems just like Babes and Mampitsha they are now Married and it is happily ever after as they decided by themselves that violence is not the answer but communication is the best tool for prosperity shining, and great wealth, this is just the nature of the new age world we are living in, we make and sell and buy things just to make more, both TV presenters know that the market is big and they are just a drop in the ocean very insignificant.

The two adults should reconcile and figure out ways in which they are better or worse as this is not the way to teach young South Africans they should take as there is more to this whole thing than violence and blood. The Nation should be working on building bridges and not tearing them down as that is the only way to move backward, the man apologized and told the people that he is extremely sorry it is just that he was in his emotions.


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