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How do you make your floor tile shiny at home ?

This days most people prefer putting floor tiles after building their house before they can even start buying furniture. The reason for this is to avoid tile damage in future incase you want to renovate your house. It mean that you will be using heaving machines that might end up breaking your floor tiles like doing plumbing after putting floor tiles. So the best option is to finish everything else that require more work before putting floor tiles to avoid damage.

Floor tiles looks better when they are shining and thereare natural ways to do that. You must sweap your floor to remove the dust before moping the house. If there is something that is attached to the tiles then your can scrub it out with screw driver or sand paper to them. After removing them you can mob the floor using warm water just to further remove the dust and other dirty things.

On the shops they are selling floor tiles polish that are used to make them shiny and the most common of this polish is Cobra floor tile. After mobing the floor with water you can add the polish liquid inside clean water and mob the whole house with it for better results. While mobbing the house remember to be careful because this can cause the floor to be slippery.

Tile floors lose their shine over time due to dirt, stains and wear. Those dull floors can make your whole room look outdated. Instead of ignoring dull floors, give them new life to restore them to their shiny glory. Commercial products may cost a lot of money and it can be difficult to determine which ones will clean your floor the best. To save money and help to protect the environment from dangerous chemicals, use natural ingredients in your home to clean your floors and make your tile shine.

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