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Check Out This Stunning Three Bedroom House Design, See More Pictures Below

I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to houses, designers will always bring out something unique and different all the time. What is considered too beautiful today might be considered moderate tomorrow because of the more attractive houses which are designed every day. It's such a pity when you already have a house and you see a more interesting house design like this, but if you haven't build yet, you might be in lucky because I do not just write about something you can not have, I always make sure that my readers can get straight excess to the information I provided. You can click on the link at the bottom of this article for more information

Let us start off with what we can see from this house design. The first thing you can notice when you look at this house is the type of roof the designer used. The roof is a scotch roof, if you remember very well, I once explained how this type of roof (skotch roof) has gone and passed through generations without loosing it's value, or getting out of fashion on another article. The roofing tiles that the designer used are concrete tiles painted in a nice dark brown colour

If you notice very well, the whole house almost used the same colour through out, it's only the texture which is different. What I'm trying to say is that the brown colour dominated in this house, I have already talked about the dark brown roof, a dark brown colour was also used to paint above the window level of the house. The same dark brown colour was also used to paint the plastering mouldings on the side of the windows and on the top, and bottom of the concrete pillars

The overall colour of the house is light brown, hence I said that the brown colour dominate in this house, the only colour which is not brown is the white colour which painted the concrete pillars. Talking about concrete pillars, the designer of this house used too many of them, if you look very closely, you will notice that almost six concrete pillars are used in a single veranda, is it necessary? No! Does it make the house more attractive? A big yes

According to the designer of this house, it has a total of three bedrooms, of which one bedroom is a master bedroom and the other two are both standard. The house also have features like a dining room, a kitchen, a lounge, and as you can see, a double garage


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