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Here's the weekend Loadshedding Schedule and tips to prepare. Opinion.

Eskom has released the loadshedding Schedule for this weekend, including Friday, in the form of a statement to their Facebook page. Below I will give you all the details to it, including some tips to prepare.

The schedule :

For today, we will have stage four loadshedding until 22;00 tonight. Thereafter the stage of loadshedding will be reduced to stage two until 7:00 on Saturday morning.

Stage four will again be implemented from 7:00 to 22:00 on both Saturday and Sunday and lowered to stage two from 22:00 to 7:00 on both Saturday and Sunday.

While we welcome loadshedding being reduced from stage six, stage four is still a significant amount of loadshedding and should be prepared for. Below is the full loadshedding schedule, followed by my tips to prepare.

Tips to Prepare :

If you were planning on going out for the weekend, I suggest you plan your trips around your local loadshedding schedule, so you are not stuck at home when the power goes out.

However if you are home when loadshedding begins, you should have a few tools handy to deal with it. First and foremost being a way to light your home. You can do this with candles, torches, or rechargable lights. However if you are using candles I suggest that you never leave them unattended as they are a fire hazard.

Something you also need to plan for is what you will he eating. Try to prepare your meals before the power goes out, however if you dont you can always start a fire in a fire place or braai stand and use it to cook and keep yourself warm. Alternatively you can also order out.

What do you think of these tips and observations, tell us in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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