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For your laughter. Memes that will make you laugh

When you apply for a job and forget to attach the CV When I break a plate. Mum: You will eat on the floor. Vs. When mum breaks a plate. Mum: These things are fake!!Dad: Instructing the eldest sibling "if the landlord comes looking for me tell him I'm not home ok!".

Landlord: Hello! Where is your dad?

Innocent little bro: That's him there

Normalize lending money to people you can beat Look am fed up with all this "where is your car" question. Behold I present my car to you. This is it. I hope with this few point of mine am not here to confuse you but to tell you that, that is my car. Anymore questions???If it changes from "goodnight babe" to "sorry I fell asleep" just know you have entered the 3rd wave

Those who dress smartly and smell nice but still wear a watch that is not working. Is everything alright darlin?

Ladies, if a guy asks you to find a girl for him.... he is indirectly asking you to be that girl When you are still typing trying to explain and you see her profile photo disappearing..My niggas when a girl notice you love her, she will start behaving like which network?

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